Meet the Designer

From the time she experienced Home Ec class in 7th grade, Debbie Peasley knew she loved to sew.  Being adopted at a young age, she had no idea her birth mother was an excellent seamstress.  

Debbie started to sew doll bedding for her nieces and when she started her own family, her passion for sewing blossomed.  From sewing window treatments, shower curtains, duvet covers and endless pillows, she developed a name for the one to call when you needed something custom made for your home.  As her family started to grow from 1 to 6 children, she made countless halloween costumes for not only her own children, but the neighborhood children as well.

When a move from Virginia to West Virginia happened in 2002, Debbie found herself a new niche.  Having only one little girl with 4 brothers at the time, she spent countless hours studying and sewing Heirloom designs.  From smocking to puff sleeves, crinoline and hand embroidery, she developed a love for all things vintage, classic and timeless.  Bridget was certainly the best dressed in Kindergarten.  A switch to uniforms created a time for Debbie to pursue a business venture.  

Debbie's talents weren't unrecognized when a business woman handed her $1000 and told her to start her business.  In 2004 Bridget and Co was started.  Selling on Ebay, then Etsy and now her own website.  Bridget and Co has grown from offering comfy knit wear to custom Halloween costumes full circle back to the vintage classic designs that so inspired her.  The  support and encouragement that was given to her to pursue her dreams, she carries forward in her love for helping others. 

Her sister company Tulletastic, offers a large selection of mesh and tulle. She offers mentorship to those learning to sew and her motto is "Life is a Journey not a Competition".  We can all learn and grow from one another and how better to be successful than empowering other women to pursue their dreams.

Debbie now resides in State  College with her 2nd eldest son and wife living about  5 miles away, her 2 middle children are graduating college and pursing their careers.  Her 4th son will be leaving for  college in the fall. Her eldest son lives in Salt Lake city, while her youngest son will start High School.  A chocolate lab and ShihTzu complete this family!